Are you experiencing problems with the Dropbox authorization?

If during the exam's sharing you get stuck accessing your Dropbox account it's because the hospital that created your CD/DVD used an outdated version of our software.

Unfortunately this issue can't be automatically fixed but is it possible to manually update your CD in order to use all the Exams Sharing Portal features.
In order to do that. please follow these steps:

  • Download the upgrade package using the following link:
Note: in order to download this file you need an Exams Sharing Portal account.
  • Copy the entire CD content in a desktop folder named CD
  • Extract the zip archive inside the desktop folder, overwriting all files.
  • Manually launch the LocalEye app. For example, under Windows you need to enter the Viewer-Windows folder and double click on LocalEyeLauncherEng.exe.

If after this procedure you're still experiencing issues please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.