Are you experiencing problems with the Dropbox authorization?

There are cases in which you may need to share your exam's medical images with a remote recipient, for a consultation, second opinion, or similar.
The 'Share through Dropbox' functionality of our viewer allows you to securely and easily share your exam's images with a remote recipient, by using your own Dropbox and our cloud-based viewing infrastructure.
No more need to send CDs/DVDs through mail, nor to transfer files through emails or FTP. Everything is done securely in the cloud, without requiring special-purpose software pre-installed on your PC.

  • Download the upgrade package using the following link:
Note: in order to download this file you need an Exams Sharing Portal account.
  • Copy the entire CD content in a desktop folder named CD
  • Extract the zip archive inside the desktop folder, overwriting all files.
  • Manually launch the LocalEye app. For example, under Windows you need to enter the Viewer-Windows folder and double click on LocalEyeLauncherEng.exe.

If after this procedure you're still experiencing issues please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.