Exams Sharing Portal is a service provided by NeoLogica s.r.l.

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Easily and securely share your medical images with a remote recipient

There are cases in which you may need to share your exam's medical images with a remote recipient, for a consultation, second opinion, or similar.
The 'Share through Dropbox' functionality of our viewer allows you to securely and easily share your exam's images with a remote recipient, by using your own Dropbox and our cloud-based viewing infrastructure.
No more need to send CDs/DVDs through mail, nor to transfer files through emails or FTP. Everything is done securely in the cloud, without requiring special-purpose software pre-installed on your PC.

You provide the cloud storage, we provide the medical image viewing infrastructure

When you decide to share an exam with a remote recipient, our viewer software will upload all required files (in DICOM format) to your Dropbox in an encrypted way.
The recipient of the exam (typically, a medical specialist, a radiologist, or a physician) will then be able to view your exam's medical images by accessing our Exams Sharing Portal (ESP) and entering the appopriate access credentials and exam password, that you control. Medical image viewing will be possible thanks to our cloud-hosted, DICOM-compliant, advanced RemotEye Suite viewing solution.

You pay just for what you view

The recipient of the medical images will need to pay a very small fee for each exam he will need to view through the Exams Sharing Portal.
Why the fee is so small? Because medical images are stored on the sender's own Dropbox, hence we won't charge you for cloud storage. You just pay for the state-of-the art DICOM-compliant medical image viewing infrastructure the Exams Sharing Portal is providing to the recipient of the exam. Of course, we allow the sender to pay on behalf of the recipient.
Once a user has paid to view a shared exam, that exam will be online and viewable (by both the sender and the recipient) as long as the sender will keep it in his own Dropbox, for an unlimited number of times!
In summary, no limitations on our side.

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Sharing is reliable, secure, private and under your control

Medical image files are transferred securely over HTTPS, and they are stored in an encrypted way to your own Dropbox. Only the recipient, having the appropriate access credentials and exam password, will be able to decrypt and view them.
Moreover, you may also choose to "anonymize" all DICOM files before uploading them to your Dropbox, thus adding a further layer of privacy. Finally, all files are stored on your own Dropbox, hence you have total control on these data: you can delete them in any moment.
Only minimal information about each exam is stored within the Exams Sharing Portal, and all this information is encrypted using the best security practices.